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Although technically the largest part of Turkey is in Asia, it’s very much part of the European scene. Indeed Istanbul is the only city in the World to straddle two continents.  

Turkey is an amazing and diverse country, which for the determined traveller can be full of surprises. So it’s maybe a bit strange that so much of the country is little visited by foreign tourists.

The unique historical sites of central Turkey, the mountains of the eastern borders, and in the north the long and beautiful Black Sea coast, all seem to have slipped under the radar of mass tourism.

It’s the southern and eastern coastal regions that do draw visitors in large numbers, however, and the resorts here are now well geared up to meet needs of the modern traveller. The glorious beaches and warm climate are enticing, and the historic and scenic attractions complete the package.

It’s a far cry from the bustling, chaotic, charismatic Istanbul. This is a city that never seems too sure if it wants to be Asian or European, but still manages to offer one of the best city-breaks you’ll ever find.


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71 Million


New Turkish Lira


GMT +  2 or 3

(depending on season)


+ 90


Istanbul, Anatalya, Izmir, Bursa, Bodrum, Erzurum

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