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Sinhala, Tamil and English


20 million


Sri ankan Rupee


GMT + 5.5


+ 94


Jaffha, Trincomalee

News, Offers, and Updates

Sri Lanka may not be the largest place to visit, but it has an extraordinary number of attractions.

Seductive white sand beaches, tempting water sports, magnificent landscapes and lazy lagoons, fertile wetlands, ecologically wondrous types of forest, and imposing mountains. The bounteous rivers and waterfalls add to the tropical ambience, and an abundance of colourful wildlife (much of

it endemic) is supported by unique ecosystems.

Sri |Lanka’s long and rich history can be sampled through its inspiring heritage sites, ancient cities, and colonial forts.

A vibrant culture includes fine arts and crafts, and a wealth of grand festivals. The locals are charming and hospitable, and welcome tourists warmly.

Contemporary tourist attractions such as luxurious Ayurveda spas and broad-based shopping opportunities have evolved, and Sri Lanka has also become one of the world’s most popular destinations to get married or enjoy a honeymoon.


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