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Finland is one of those countries that we all know of, but actually know very little about. Most people will tell you its full of lakes and forests, maybe that Helsinki is the capital, and of course that it’s the home of Santa Claus.

With the exception of the capital, and the pre-Christmas influx to Lapland, tourism here is still pretty low key. But that shouldn’t put you off, because Finland is a destination with much to offer.

Helsinki is a great place for a city break, with magnificent architecture, a range of cultural opportunities, and an intriguing history to unveil. It’s also a good base to explore the southern half of the country, or further afield to Saint Petersburg or Tallin.

Huge swathes of Finland’s south are covered by lakes and endless pine forests. It’s a region the Finns themselves often choose for their holidays, indulging in their passion for nature and all things outdoors.

In the south eastern coastal region a large archipelago offers a wealth of small hotels and self catering cottages in and idyllic setting.  At the other end of the country, thousands descend on the snowy reaches of Lapland each December, hoping for a glimpse of the big man in a red coat. If you can’t find him... simply ask a reindeer!


FINLAND Essential Information




Finnish, Swedish


5.5 Million




GMT +  2


+ 358


Turku, Tampere, Porvoo, Jyaskyla, Oult, Savonlinna, Tornio, Rovaniem, Kuopio

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