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Canada is the world’s second largest country, stretching between Pacific and Atlantic oceans, and way up into the frozen wastes of the Arctic Circle.

Often overshadowed by it’s louder, and more brash neighbour - the USA - the Canadian’s enjoy a far more relaxed life-style.

The large cities draw tourists from both the USA and further afield, but Canada has far more to offer away from it’s sprawling urban centres. Hundreds of miles of unspoiled forests and national parks offer a haven for hikers, nature lovers, fishermen, and everyone who revels in the great outdoors.

In the winter, much of the country is concealed under a blanket of snow. In come the winter sports enthusiasts, and skiing, tobogganing, ice skating, and a dozen other winter sports are enjoyed in the most magnificent settings.

The Niagara Falls, on the border with the United States, are one of the main attractions for visitors. Others take the opportunity to travel across Canada on one of the special tourist trains with observation cars to make sure you get the best of the stunning panoramas.

It’s a glorious country, so enjoy it!


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