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Chobe National Park:

Botswana’s top wildlife reserve is the perfect place to see the ‘Big Five’.

Okavango Delta:

Witness the amazing diversity of wildlife as you glide through the glorious waters in a traditional dugout canoe.

Tsodilo Hills:

Witness the ancient rock paintings on the sacred and mysterious four San Rock Hills.

Makgadikgadi National Park:

Botswana’s huge salt basins create a unique landscape, where you can easily become disorientated by the amazing mirages.

News, Offers, and Updates

Botswana is a bit of an anomaly amongst the African nations, in that fortune has actually smiled on it. Soon after its independence in the 1960’s, extensive diamond deposits were discovered.

The resulting income has transformed the country into a stable and efficient economy, with a modern efficient infrastructure around the principal areas of population.

However, away from the cities, it is largely open savannah, and the sand of the Kalahari Desert. Roads here are not maintained well, and are relatively few and far between. To travel in these areas is difficult and expensive, but the pay off is unique scenery, abundant wildlife, and friendly people.

The Chobe National Park, near the Zambian border, is the best known. Here you can find not only the ‘big five’, but also take trips on the many rivers. These are a great way to witness zebra, wildebeest, and antelope, amid colourful bird life, and beautiful landscapes.

Book the organised trips in advance, as they can get busy in the busy times of the year. This has been increased with the success of the BBC television drama, ‘The Number One Ladies Detective Agency’, which is based in Botswana.

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