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  Porto Novo


French, Yoruba, Dendi, Ge, Bariba and Fon


7.5 Million


West African CFA Franc


GMT +  1


+ 229


The Slave Route:

A melancholy but essential stop on your trip, including the famous ‘Point of No Return’ memorial.

The Fetish Market:

Visit the weird, wonderful, and wholly bizarre, at Porto Novo’s voodoo market. Check out the special offers on delights such as bat wings, and unmentionable parts of a monkey’s anatomy!

Ghezo’s Throne:

One of the gruesome relics of Dahomey’s kingdom, built on a foundation of human skulls.

News, Offers, and Updates

A little known destination as far as tourists are concerned… and that’s its beauty. It’s fascinating, bizarre, with a wealth of simply adorable beaches along the coast, and rich wildlife in the north.

Benin built an amazing fortune on the back of the slave trade, and there’s a memorial to the thousands who died on the darkly named ‘Point of No Return’.

Take a trip to Lake Nokoue, and the villagers of Ganvie who live in small huts built on stilts way out in the lake, or head to the stunning scenery of the north to swim in the pool at the bottom of the Kota waterfall.

Set aside time too for the Pendjari National Park, which has elephants, hippo’s, big cats, and baboons.

Benin was the home of voodoo, which is still practised today. Not the stuff of novels and movies, but the real, if bizarre, religion. The Fetish Markets are full of animal heads, bats wings, and the like… a perfect souvenir for the mother-in-law.

Despite it not being a high profile destination in the tourist brochures, Benin is a safe and easy place in which to travel, and will reward you with an exhilarating and memorable trip.


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