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One of the smallest countries in Europe, Belgium is largely uninspiring in scenic terms except for the south east region. Here the Ardennes, although not high and dramatic like the Alps, are still full of picturesque valleys, fast flowing rivers, and vast dark forests dotted with historic villages.

The country stretches from the North Sea in the west, to the borders with Germany and Luxembourg in the east. From Holland in the north, to France in the south. It’s a land that has been the battleground for countless conflicts across the centuries, even if many were not of own its making.

The Battle of Waterloo, the culmination of the Napoleonic Wars, took place just south of Brussels. The trench warfare of the First World War was centred around the southern border area with France. And during World War Two, the Battle of the Bulge swept though the Ardennes towards Antwerp.

Nowadays Belgium is better known as the home of the European Parliament, and the capital, Brussels, has become an eclectic, vibrant, international city.

But there are plenty of other places to visit. The coastal region has plenty to attract visitors, and conveniently has an excellent tram service that travels its full length, allowing you to explore easily from any base.

Historic towns such as Bruges and Gent  also draw huge numbers of visitors to their idyllic, quaint  medieval streets. And it’s not just a summer destination. Belgium’s Christmas markets are also worth making the trip for, and within easy day-trip reach of the Channel ports.


BELGIUM Essential Information




Flemish and Walloon are the official languages, but German, French and Dutch are also widely spoken.


11 Million




GMT + 1


+ 32


Liege, Namur, Antwerp, Gent, Bruges, Ypres

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