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Arabic, French and Berber


33 Million


Algerian Dinar


GMT +  1


+ 213



The Algerian capital is a wonderful blend of new and old, and a base for tours to the south.


Striking architecture and friendly people, surrounded by the ever changing sand dunes of the desert.


A true feel of the Sahara, as you mix with the legendary Tuaregs (or Blue Men), and soak up the traditional culture.


Stunning views, beautiful sunsets, and a landscape of amazing mountains.

News, Offers, and Updates

Still very much a country for the determined and pretty adventurous tourist, although it is taking some of the initial  steps towards the establishment of a tourism  industry.

And yet it’s a country with a lot to discover, with a wealth of both natural and man-made places of interest.

For a start, the Mediterranean coast is one of the few remaining undeveloped areas on the whole sea. Further south, tribal culture is still much in evidence, and there are large areas of the Sahara which remain mostly an inhospitable and unexplored land.

Some parts of the country can still be a bit dangerous to travel through, and Algerian infrastructure is not well geared to tourists. It’s certainly a country you should consider carefully, and seek expert advice before you travel.

But if you can find the means to explore, it will certainly be a rewarding and memorable trip. Ancient cave paintings, intriguing and mysterious villages, high mountains, and of course the mighty and unforgiving Sahara, all combine to make Algeria of the last great experiences for the adventurous traveller. Check out our list of highlights, and enjoy a trip to North Africa.


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